A unique professional development program designed to enhance the education and career outcomes of students from diverse backgrounds and walks of life at UNSW.

Applications for the program are now OPEN! Please read the info and complete the application form and video by 10th October. 









Managing the day to day demands of your studies, a casual job, and responsibilities at home can be tough. There isn't much time left to focus on developing your career.

That's where Co-NNECTIONS comes in, helping you broaden your professional networks, build confidence and experience in the workplace, and explore options for your future career, all with a new community of like-minded peers!

Industry Partners

For organisations who value diversity in their workforce, Co-NNECTIONS offers a unique talent pipeline, as well as the opportunity to make a genuine difference to the lives of young people from diverse and often challenging circumstances.

Organisations can get involved in the program in a number of ways; by providing an on site workshop or networking event, mentoring individual students in the program, or offering invaluable professional experience through an internship.








Ariel Booth

 I am sure I speak for everyone when I say it means a lot that this program gives students like us an opportunity. This program and placement have really helped me develop my self-awareness, professionalism, and confidence. It has instilled a self-belief that was missing before! I loved every part of it, thank you so much and I will be eternally grateful 
- Ariel Booth, 2nd Year Indigenous Commerce & Arts student