Managing the day to day demands of studies, casual work and responsibilities at home can be tough. Somehow you also need to think about life after uni and building your career. But what if you don't have the industry know-how, contacts or confidence to get started?

That's where Co-NNECTIONS comes in! This unique and inclusive program gives you access to a range of great companies, professional networks and real-world experience designed to build your confidence and skills as a professional, whilst helping you shape your own career and future beyond university.

If you know it's time to start working on your career; building your skills, exploring career options, growing a network for the future, and becoming more work ready and competitive - then Co-NNECTIONS could be exactly the next step you need!

What's Involved?



The first stage of the program is all about building confidence in the professional world and understanding the expectations of employers. As a group, participants spend a week visiting a selection of companies across different sectors, and participating in professional and career development workshops, as well as networking with graduates and employees.

This experience helps participants explore a range of workplace cultures to start to see where their own interests and values lie in relation to work.




All participants head to a 3 day residential camp in the Southern Highlands to start building leadership and teamwork capabilities, and explore how they can be put to use in the workplace. 

Participants are challenged to get outside their comfort zone to discover where their strengths and areas for development lie, whilst also having a heaps of fun and starting to form connections and bond as a group.



Some participants will have the opportunity to undertake a part-time internship during term time with one of our industry partners. These students must enrol in a WIL subject (CDEV3000) during that term and complete coursework related to their experiences at work. Depending on course progression they may receive 6 units of credit towards their degree.

Students completing an internship also receive a financial Equity Award which is calculated at a daily rate of $187.50. Typically internships are 40 days in length, meaning they would receive $7,500 in total. 

Students may also have the opportunity to be mentored by a Co-op/UNSW alumnus.

Who Is It For?

Mariam Al Badry

Co-NNECTIONS is for current undergraduate students from a diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, who could genuinely benefit from the opportunities that Co-NNECTIONS provides. The program is open to student from most disciplines*, at any stage of their degree, who meet one or more of the following criteria: 

Co-NNECTIONS students aren't necessarily the highest achievers with the most accolades to their name, but they are hungry for opportunities to grow and to build their confidence and talents in the real world.

*Students in the following disciplines are not eligible for the program - Education, Social Work, Exercise Physiology, Optometry and Medicine.

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Applications for the program have closed for 2019, and will reopen mid 2020.

Let us know if you are interested in being part of the next intake. Or simply ask us any questions you have and we'll get back to you soon.