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Co-NNECTIONS is a diversity initiative from the UNSW Co-op Program. It provides Indigenous and low socio-economic status (SES) students at UNSW with access to professional experience, training and networks, so they can start building the skills and resources needed for a successful future.

Co-NNECTIONS is delivered in partnership with industry, who are pivotal in providing a range of rich learning environments and experiences for the students at different stages of the program.

For companies seeking ways to attract high potential students from diverse backgrounds, Co-NNECTIONS offers a unique talent pipeline, whilst also providing the necessary training, mentoring and support to help the students succeed.

How Industry Are Involved

Meet Industry Week


We invite organisations to get involved in an intensive 'Meet Industry Week', typically held in the second half of the year. This involves hosting the Co-NNECTIONS student cohort on site for a professional development workshop and networking. Companies have the opportunity to build awareness of their brand and graduate opportunities, whilst students gain the confidence and knowledge to position themselves effectively.  



Organisations have the opportunity to provide a 3-month supervised internship to one or more Co-NNECTIONS students who have completed the earlier stages of the program. 

Typically companies have an internship role or project in mind, and interview several students within the cohort who may be suitable before making a selection. The program supports students going on placement with a workplace induction, regular checks-ins and online tools to support goal setting, supervision and performance review/feedback.

Last year over a third of the students undertaking an internship were employed for continuing work by their sponsor either causally or through an existing employment program or pathway.

Financial Assistance

Companies hosting a student for an internship contribute to an Equity Award that the student receives as part of the program. This award is vital for the student to be able to support themselves and potentially family members whilst studying and interning. 

The amount of the Award will be calculated based on the length of the internship, and is paid upfront by the sponsor. A student interning for 40 days would typically receive an award of $7,500. 

Companies still have the option to employ and pay their student directly according to their industry rates if this is a preferable arrangement. 

About Our Students

our students

The Co-NNECTIONS cohort offers huge potential for organisations who value corporate social responsibility and seek depth and diversity in their recruitment. Students are accepted into the program based on their unique background, life experiences, and the challenges they have encountered, as well as their hunger to make the most of opportunities and create a positive and successful future.

The cohort is genuinely diverse and includes students from low socio-economic backgrounds, rural students, Indigenous Australians, first in family to attend university, refugee students, students with a disability and students experiencing real hardship.

Read what some of last year’s cohort have to say about their experiences, and the positive contributions they made to the organisations involved.

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Read the FAQ's to find out lots more about the program, including how the internships work and hosting the students as part of the Meet Industry Week in September.

The diversity of the organisations involved in Co-NNECTIONS reflects the nature of this program. From start ups to global corporations across a wide range of sectors, all organisations are welcome to get involved and support our students. 

The Co-NNECTIONS team would be delighted to talk to you about how your organisation could get involved in the program and connect with the diversity of talented students at UNSW.