Student Stories

Meet some of our Students

Engineering and Commerce student Nathan, sat down with us to talk about his experience taking part in Co-NNECTIONS, and what he gained from his professional internship with a software start-up called InLoop. 

"I have always been interested in combining my interest in business with something creative, so studying Commerce and Media was a very easy choice for me!"

"In my area of Information Systems, I’ve realised how flexible it can be. By that I mean that if you are someone technical, there’s always a tech side to IS, but if you are someone creative, there’s plenty of space for that too. If you are both, then that’s great as well!"

Ariel, a 2nd year Commerce and Arts student, shares her experiences as a consulting intern with Advisian as part of Co-NNECTIONS.

Media Arts student Mariam Al-badry brought her animation and media skills to life to tackle the Grand Challenges at UNSW for her Co-NNECTIONS placement.

Final year Medical Science student Duc completed his industry placement with the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation as part of Co-NNECTIONS

Megan, a 2nd year Arts & Social Sciences student, shares her experiences of the program, and her marketing internship with Amex.